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Hoodoo Diploma Course

Started on 20/07/2024

The Hoodoo Diploma Course traditionally teaches the considered beliefs and cultural practices of hoodoo, the rare form of African American folk magik, often mistakenly described as voodoo. Onward with its divine origins, you’ll discover about the hoodoo procedure to refined bathing, tricks (talismans), the use of psalms,candle magik, herbs, oils, powders, and othertools, the role of your ancestors, dream analysis,and prediction.

The Hoodoo Diploma Course offers detaileddescriptions so that you can experiment withhoodoo’s effective methods yourself. It explainspractices like spiritual bathing and laying tricks(spell Casting) and how to deliver a petition(magical request).

The Hoodoo Diploma Course is intentionally designed for those who genuinely want to intuitively understand hoodoo and its cultural practices. It is suitable for absolute beginners with no historical background in hoodoo or any other form of folk magik. It is equally effective for those that private practice or are interested in other forms of folk magik who sincerely want to progressively expand their intellectual horizons. As this is a functional course, it will accommodate people who want to learn through a practical approach.

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