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Spell casting to “Self-love and Heal”

How can we expect to maintain a proper relationshipwhen we don’t enjoy ourselves? Everybody has hang-ups,but you shouldn’t enable them to destroy your sense ofself-worth.

This is a confidence-booster spell for those times when we feel unhappy with something about ourselves.


You will need:

  • A bunch of brightly coloured flowers
  • Five white tealight candles
  • A tall mirror

What you perform:

  • Obtain a time when you can perform this spell undisturbed. Arrange the flowers in circles on the floor – big enough for you to sit in. Arrange the light tea candles in a smaller ring within the flower ring.

  • Place the mirror outside of the course in such a way that you can see yourself when you are inside the circle. Sit cross-legged within the circle and carefully light all five candles.
    Look at yourself in the mirror and see how beautiful you absolutely are. Observe your inner beauty.

  • Repeat the following chant five times: I am attractive, no matter what anyone declares. I am furnished with love for myself in every sole way.