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Reiki Jesus Course

Started on 25/04/2024A cosmic soul connection with Jesus will “complete” you.

Jesus is one of the most remarkable healers of the entire amount of time, and roughly one- fifth of the gospels is taken up with reporting how he healed the sick.

Jesus Reiki was endowed by Dr. Anujj Elviis to overwhelm the Karmic paths you may have undergone. Directing dysfunctional and wrongs you have invested and acknowledged them.

These functions can be from your childhood, from hurts from recent relationships, fromgenetic imprints, or they can be karmic. They canbe deeply rooted in fears, traumas, anger, grief, accidents, and depression and blocked your access to the universal consciousness and your particular religious growth.

Commonly faced Karmic Blocks are as follows.


  • Not getting required Fame and results.
  • Feeling on Trapped and not sure whom to depend on.
  • Needs and desires are not fulfilled.
  • Often feel resentful.
  • Emotionally, unexplained.

  • Vibrational level.

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