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Reiki Jesus Course

Started on 20/07/2024A cosmic soul connection with Jesus will “complete” you.

The famed Psychic Energy Healer & Master of powerful Spiritual Art forms brings you the Jesus Reiki course. But what does Jesus Reiki mean and how does it help people? In recent times, Jesus Reiki as a healing technique has found its audience in India and elsewhere. People have grown to recognize the effectiveness of the Reiki energy healing craft. But the number of professional Reiki Healers is only a few. They are outnumbered.

Therefore, to fill in the gap in the demand & supply of Jesus Reiki Healers in India, Dr. Anujj Elviis, the prominent Jesus Reiki stalwart and founder, has curated an online Jesus Reiki course for students seeking expertise in Jesus Reiki. Let us learn a bit about the spiritual art form and its benefits.

About Jesus Reiki

Jesus Reiki is a blend of Christianity Christian beliefs and Reiki art form. It is a form of energy healing that finds connection in the Christian roots.

What Jesus Reiki is?

In Jesus Reiki, practitioners touch or lay hands on people to heal them. This spiritual art emphasizes the importance of faith and makes you receptive to healing. It is believed that Jesus was known to pass his healing abilities to others like a Reiki master through its symbols.

What Jesus Reiki is not?

Christianity is a Semitic religion with a strong belief in God, whereas Reiki is a spiritual practice that does not necessitate any adherence to religion or practices. Jesus Reiki is similar in that sense. Jesus Reiki complements Jesus’s teachings of love and healing while keeping other things incompatible.

Rising Popularity of Jesus Reiki in India

Anujj sees strong reasons why people in India opt for Jesus Reiki as a healing mechanism. Anujj Elviis, as a Reiki Grand Master, has always sought to overwhelm the Karmic paths recipients have undergone.

For him, Reiki helps in directing dysfunctions and wrongdoings one has invested in during his or her life, and he seeks to acknowledge them. These dysfunctional patterns are rooted in one’s childhood. One might be suffering from their recent relationships, genetic imprints, or karmic deeds, which have manifested in deep-rooted fears, traumas, anger, grief, depression, etc. Such persistent feelings block your access to the universal consciousness and hamper your intended religious growth.

With India’s large Christian population, one can see more people interested in Reiki healing practices incorporating their faith. With a focus on spiritual practice, Reiki approaches its healing procedure to provide holistic well-being and spiritual awakening to the recipients.

Jesus Reiki is also perceived as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) method for the majority of people. With growing interest in CAM therapies in India, Jesus Reiki has found its audience as an integrated faith-based CAM practice.

Why do people seek out Spiritual Healing such as Jesus Reiki?

People suffer from energy blockages in their spirit due to their emotional dysfunctions and wrongdoings. The first step is to acknowledge them. The reason for such an ill flow of energies in their being can be attributed to their childhood trauma, dents in relationships, genetic imprints, or karmic deeds. The blockages can be seen in a person in the form of fears, traumas, anger, grief, etc., each of which is blocking their access to the universal consciousness.

How to know if you are suffering from Karmic Blocks that need to be fixed?

  •       If one is not getting the expected fame or results
  •       If one is feeling trapped
  •       If one is unsure of his dependence on someone/something
  •       If one has lots of unfulfilled desires
  •       If one often feels resentful & unexplainably emotional

In any of the above cases, one can seek out Jesus Reiki healing sessions.

Jesus Reiki Course at Dr. Anujj Elviis: Why do Students undertake this Course?

The Jesus Reiki course at Anujj Elviis offers a unique blend of spiritual growth as well as practical healing skills to divine enthusiasts. Although it is the belief that Jesus Reiki is particularly for people aligning with Christian beliefs, Anujj sees this otherwise. People of all faiths have shown interest in learning Jesus Reiki as a healing practice. Students enroll in our year-long course for a variety of reasons, but some of the prominent ones are as follows.

To deepen one’s Spiritual Connection

Jesus Reiki course students are taught to integrate faith elements with healing practice to foster a deeper spiritual connection with the Messiah, Jesus Christ. We incorporate prayer and meditation techniques to enhance prayer life and spiritual discipline in the student.

To learn powerful Reiki techniques

Students are taught Reiki techniques to channel healing energies. This channelization will aid you in alleviating physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments in a person. The course also teaches you to invoke the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit during the Reiki healing process.

To accentuate one’s Personal Growth

Anujj Elviis’s tutoring of Jesus Reiki also helps in enhancing one’s emotional healing. One can get rid of their past traumas and find inner peace through our well-taught spiritual means. You will experience increased compassion by practicing Jesus Reiki. A new sense of empathy and compassion will be developed which mirrors the teachings of the savior Jesus Christ.

To cater to the Niche Market of Faith-Based Clients

The course is also open to existing Reiki practitioners who can integrate Jesus Reiki techniques to broaden their practice. This way, one can attract clients preferring a Christian Approach to their energy healing process. With expertise in Jesus Reiki, one can appeal to a niche market basing their values on Christian healing methods.

To Build Community with fellow Learners

Participants join a supportive community of like-minded people. This imparts a sense of belonging in students and furthers their collective spiritual growth. Anujj’s mentorship from an experienced viewpoint will ensure constant guidance and support to students throughout the course.

To apply what you have learned

Students learn techniques to apply them to their self-care and promote their overall well-being. They can also check on the learned skills to help their family and friends and provide healing comfort to their loved ones which is also spiritually enriching.

To promote Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

This Jesus Reiki course emphasizes the interconnection between mind, body, and spirit to establish an overall balanced approach aligned with holistic healing principles. Regular practice of this Reiki form can help individuals develop greater resilience as well as profound inner peace, with faith in their roots.

Jesus Reiki associates its healing modality with symbols. A well-trained Jesus Reiki practitioner uses symbolic techniques to heal people.

Last words …

There is a fondness for Jesus in this form of Reiki healing as he has been one of the most remarkable healers of the world for two millennia. The scriptures are full of gospels reporting how Jesus healed the needy and sick. The intent of the Jesus Reiki course endowed by Dr. Anujj Elviis is the same; to overwhelm the Karmic paths that one has undergone in their lives.

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