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About Anujj Elviis & His Journey As a Wicca

Since childhood, Dr.Anujj Elviis was attracted to spirituality and occultism. He used to think of it as some deeply hidden art that very few can learn and practice. His questions started in earnest when he was 13 soon after he succumbed to jaundice. His state became so severe that the doctors gave up his recovery, but leaving no stone unturned Anujj’s mother took to mystics, contacting a local yet powerful Tantra practitioner who claimed that he could bring her son back to health.

Soon after Anujj did indeed recover, and when young. Anujj went back to this tantra practitioner and thanked him for his recovery, it was revealed that he had come back with special powers. After that, no one was able to put a rest to his curiosity or answer his questions.

Initially, Anujj shunned the idea of special powers and moved on. However, soon he started seeing spirits, often relatives and acquaintances that had crossed over. Naturally, no one believed him, but Anujj Continued exploring and soon started practicing what he would later know as basic elemental Magik. Many a time he would recount events before they happened to family and friends, shocking and surprising everyone. This spooked the kids at school, so the young Anujj never had many friends to join at recess, instead of spending recess time at his favorite place an old cemetery adjacent to his school and on which the school had been built

After graduating with a degree in sociology, Dr. Anujj Elviis experienced two incidents that changed his life, pushing him deeper into Occultism. One of these was experiencing his first major haunting, during the night shift at his workplace.

He strongly believes that it is important to see the good in all religions and to respect all faiths. To him, this universal respect is fundamental to Wicca as fertility, nature-oriented Earth-based religion that honors the Divine in all aspects of life and nature. An eclectic practitioner includes reiki, rune reading, angelic guidance, and tarot reading into his practice, along with Vastu consultancy. also gives a lot of importance to prayers, energy work, meditation, and divination, because he believes Magik is the Divine working through a person to bring about change in the world. His path is based on 3 principles:

1. Knowledge of self
2. Power over Self
3. Control over self

India is a land of myths and ancient civilizations, but in the last few centuries, it has absorbed new influences into itself, taking her people further away from the nature-based worship they are used to. Fake gurus and con-artists, ruining people's lives for their own benefit, have made things very difficult for the real practitioner. Unfortunately, those who follow their calling in witchcraft are shunned or worse. So many people are killed in the name of religion and beliefs in the world, and unfortunately, India is no exception. People are still killed because of suspected witchcraft in this country.

Dr. Anujj Elviis genuinely believes that all of us are born with some of the other gifts but most of us never open our package that in common is our soul we have to seek us to see our real self. He has practiced various of wise craft and helped and healed many. He offers various online courses to occult enthusiasts worldwide and especially Indians after merely noticing so much misinformation all over the developed country.

Dr. Anujj Elviis has been honored with:

India,s First Male Wiccan
  • The Star Excellence Award – Master of Wicca 2018

  • 3rd International Astrological Award – Master in Wicca 2018

  • WOW Award – Master in Vodun 2018
  • 3rd International Astrological Award – Excellence in comprehensive occult science 2018
  • International Astrological Convention – Spiritual Guru Award 2019
  • Star achievers award – Master in Wicca 2019
  • Swasth Bharat award – Master in Vodun Religion 2019
  • Amarkosha Achievers Award – Wicca King of India 2019.
  • Infinity book of world record – Unique Record in spirituality award- 2019
  • Golden Arc Award – Excellent Contribution in the field of Occult Sciences 2020
  • Cherry Book Awards – Pride of India Award 2020
  • Spiritual Philanthropist Award by G- Town Magazine 2020
  • Gyan Kalash award – 2020 – Master in Wicca
  • Infinity book of world record and Dynemic Record OPC pvt LTD – Universe Gaurav Award – In the field of Spiritualism – 2020
  • Outstanding Accomplishments and Individual Excellence in Academics Award – Navdrishti Times – 2020
  • Elite Book Awards – Sahitya Ratna Award – 2021
  • Gyan Kalash Astroworld – Wicca Expert Award- 2021


     Feature: –


  • Featured in Pagan Pages Magazine as “A Wiccan in India” in 2017

  • Featured on Youth Ki Awaz as “India’s first Male Witch” 2018

  • Featured on YouTube channel by Socialite and Author Natalia Suri 2020
  • Featured on Radio Mirchi Instagram by RJ Prateek 2020
  • Featured on Instagram of socialite Megha Mukherjee 2020
  • Featured in Pagan Pages as “Founder of Indian Traditional Wicca” 2020
  • Featured on The Purple Mystic as “India’s first male Witch” 2020
  • Featured on MidDay 2021
  • Featured on EDTimes 2021
  • Featured on Hindustan Metro Dailyhunt 2021
  • Featured in Inspirant Magazine 2021
  • Featured on DailyHunt – Web Story India 2021
  • Featured on The Daily Beat – 2021
  • Featured on Entrepreneurs Stories – 2021
  • Featured on News – Google Publications – 2021
  • Featured on Punjab Metro – 2021
  • Featured in Gyan Kalash Astroworld Magazine – 2021


  • Courses, Books and Contributions


  • International contributor author- The Good Witch’s Guide: A Modern-Day Wiccapedia of Magickal Ingredients and Spells by Shawn Robbins & Charity Bedell 2017

  • Author – Sacred bond – an anthology circa 2019

  • Author – Thoughts that shape us – an anthology circa 2019

  • Author- The broken bond – an anthology circa 2019

  • Founder and Creator Jesus Reiki – Copyright course – 2020

Awards & Recognition


I came to Anujj Elviis because I had some problems in my private life. He created my life path and interpreted my cards concerning the issues I was worried about. Sometimes it is important to know that all your problems can be solved.

Jenna Mackenzie

Jenna Mackenzie


I found my consultation with Anujj Elviis more meaningful and useful than those provided by other Healers & Readers. The way he synthesizes information from a variety of different sources provides a complete picture of possible answers.

Maya Gabriella

Maya Gabriella


As an experienced astrologer myself, I’ve looked at my chart many times, but Anujj Elviis gave me a brand-new perspective on the problem areas. Moreover, he did this with great insight, delicacy, and clarity. I am very grateful for that.

Avery Mia

Avery Mia

Los Angeles

I came to consultation because I was puzzled by my current life situation and Anujj Elviis gave me clear ways to develop, and a plan of how to move ahead to avoid further problems. Some things he said became a much-needed insight for me.

Clara Jenkins

Clara Jenkins


Anujj Elviis sir is a very good personality. He is so patient and kind person. He helps others to turn good direction for life.

Jyoti Kumari

Jyoti Kumari


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