There are many essential oils that can help with your mood. When looking to boost your confidence try one of these 10 oils in your diffuser!

1- Bergamot This essential oil comes from the citrus peel of the bergamot fruit. It gives off a citrus, floral scent. Most citrus oils will provide an uplifting aroma and bergamot is one of those.

2- Orange One of my favorite oils to diffuse is orange! While giving off the citrus smell, orange essential oil also a sweet aroma to it. This scent can bring feelings of cheerfulness, positivity, and encourage creativity.

3- Lemon Another favorite essential oil of mine is lemon. I love the clean and fresh scent it gives off in addition to the citrus and fruity smell. Lemon oils are energizing and uplifting in addition to increasing our awareness.

4- Lime Lime is one of the other oils with a citrus and fruity aroma. This oil can provide you with a pick me up giving you a confidence boost.

5- Jasmine Jasmine has a floral, tea-like scent. This aroma has been used for a long time in helping to decrease depression and emotional stress. Allowing an increase in positivity and self-confidence.

6- Peppermint Invigorating and minty, peppermint essential oil provides an energy boost. It increases awareness, improves concentration encouraging creativity and mental focus.

7- Rosemary Rosemary oil is another energizing aroma that decreases emotional and mental stress boosting mental activity and focus.

8- Cypress Giving off a calming and soothing scent, cypress has an evergreen and woodsy smell. This relaxing and peaceful aroma can aid in emotional strength giving the self a boost in confidence.

Sharing some recipes:-


4 drops orange

2 drops frankincense

2 drops geranium


3 drops lemon

3 drops rosemary

2 drops black pepper


8 drops tangerine

3 drops spearmint

2 drops lemongrass


3 drops grapefruit

3 drops lemon

1 drops peppermint

Pick me up

3 drops ginger

2 drops bergamot

2 drops patchouli


4 drops bergamot

3 drops frankincense

2 drops ylang ylang