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Spell Casting Course

Started on 23/05/2024

Are you inquisitive about discovering more about “Occult” but are not sure where to go? This your masterclass guide to the foundations of spellcasting.

This basic spell casting course covers everything you require to recognize to perform safely and competently at home.

Include Magik and energy, fundamental rules tofollow, types of magik, what are hexes and curses and are they real, creating a sacred space, castinga circle, tools, chants, the wording of spells, and how to discharge them when they are no longer needed.


You will typically learn?

  • How to powerfully build up your absolute confidence by weaving and walking your mystical unique spiritual path as you reinstate your paramount Divine Power, leaving behind unhealthy behavior patterns.

  • How to engage intuitively and intelligently creating powerful rituals to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats and remain them with simplicity and ease.

  • Discover precisely and traditionally work with the key elements – fertile earth, fragrant air, the sacred fire, and flowing water, they accurately represent key facets of our possible existence and we can properly utilize them for personal development.


  • How to engage intuitively and intelligently creating powerful rituals to enthusiastically celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats and celebrate them with apparent simplicity and ease.

  • How to naturally produce a variety of simple supernatural practices crafting magical altars, spells, and sacred circles, discovering a successful path to your own divinity How to typically cast spells.

With all my courses I aim to empower a sacred, religious community from which we can complete with immunity perform deep spiritual work for self-development.

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