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Angel Healing Course

Started on 20/07/2024The key topic of Angel miraculously healing has surgedin enduring popularity in recent times as great interestin mighty angels.

This optional course intentionally includes an introduction to the basics of angel healing from examining the relationship of angels to frail beings, recognizing the power of prayer and requests, and learning the various methods of contacting angels.

Learners will instantly get about the cultural history of mighty angels, as driven effectively as the diverse types of angels and their angelic hierarchy.

The specific types of mighty angels you can call upon and what they are graciously allowed for.


How to intimately connect with your guardian angel.

  • You will learn to positively identify angel signs.
  • You will invariably go through a step-by-step process, of how to intentionally run an Angelic.
  • You will learn properly about mighty angels and their favorite crystals.

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