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Ritual to revive your relationship

Place two red candles in the far-right corner of your home, as well as your bedroom. Light these wax candles twice every day. Make sure to place the side of the candle beside each other, to ensure intimacy. If you adore scented candles, choose a stimulating aroma like rose or jasmine.

Common across international borders and societies. Lighting candles can bring serenity, focus, and comfort to participants.When a person wishes to meditate on a thought or idea but lacksthe ability to form the appropriate words to express herself, lighting a wax candle is a traditional way to show the intensity ofher thinking and feelings.

Place candles in the central part of your house. Red, orange and yellow candles symbolize the central hearth. Create simple and elegant, functional, and clutter-free room decorating. Less furniture and home accessories help Feng Shui homes, allowing the Chi energy, activated by candles, to circulate freely.