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Hoodoo represents a form of traditional African-American folk magic that developed from a combination of beliefs of a number of separate African cultures after they came to the United States during the slave trade.

Hoodoo beliefs are purely naturalistic and practices used naturally obtained supplies like herbs, minerals, and even animals. For example, “chewing the root” was done to release the sap of a plant to conjure spiritual power. It helps obtain peace in troubling times also most of the time its private practice isn’t even called “spells,” but “work” or necessary chores.

As a religion, voodoo has specific practices, some of which you have to be ordained to perform. It has religious leaders, known as mambos and houngans,who over see these practices.

Hoodoo, by contrast, does not have these things. Although there is a belief in spirits and life-giving energies, there are no specific gods or god that you must follow. You are free to worship any gods (or not) that you want. There is no organized hierarchy. This isn’t to say there are no rules to working with roots—there are, but it does not have the specific structure associated with religion.

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