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Hoodoo Magik

What is Hoodoo you ask? Well, the definition of Hoodoo is as enticing as its name. It is a folk magic form that originated in Africa. The Hoodoo Folk magic belongs to the African American community residing in the Southern United States during their slave days. If one has to define Hoodoo, it can be understood as a blend of the following spiritual beliefs:

  • Native African Spiritual Beliefs
  • Native American Herbal sciences
  • European Magic Beliefs

Hoodoo Folk magick is majorly practiced within the African American community, who value their spirituality and cultural traditions. Hoodoo uses various herbs, roots, minerals, incense, rituals, etc., for its spiritual procedures. The purpose of Hoodoo procedures can be any of the following:

  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Love Spells
  • Prosperity

Hoodoo is a spiritual practice deeply rooted in the historical culture and traditions of America’s African American community

The majority of the Hoodoo Folk magick practitioners approach this folk form with reverence. They respect their traditions and origins. Treated as a part-magical practice, hoodoo practitioners avail of guidance to those people in need of knowledge and life ethics. These practitioners operate with integrity and work for their clients’ well-being.

Who does Hoodoo: A Hoodoo Specialist

A Hoodoo specialist is the one who is trained to do Hoodoo. Hoodoo specialists are colloquially known by many aliases, like Hoodoo practitioner, rootworker, conjure doctor, etc. These specialists have expertise in their spirit’s practice. Many of them have inherited knowledge and skills from their family members, while others have learned through rigorous study and practice. Clients consult them for assistance on specific issues or goals. The issues can be love, luck, money, spiritual binding, etc.

Hoodoo Folk magick specialists are the ones who have gained a deep understanding of herbs, roots, natural materials, etc., to be used in their Hoodoo practice. They are well-versed in the tradition of rituals, prayers, and spells. Additionally, a Hoodoo specialist can also provide spiritual counseling to their clients. They can make people navigate through their life’s challenges. A person can connect with their spiritual roots with the counsel of the Hoodoo specialists.

Rituals performed by Hoodoo specialists

In the ancient Hoodoo Folk magick practice, one can perform a wide range of rituals and practices. These rituals and practices are aimed at achieving specific goals or addressing the need for time. There are majorly many common rituals performed by Hoodoo specialists all over the world, like as the following:

  • Candle Magic
  • Crossing and Hexing Work
  • Mojo Bags
  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • Spell Jars
  • Conjure Hands
  • Ancestor Work
  • Protection Spells
  • Bottle Spells
  • Love & Money Drawing Spells

These aforementioned are some of the examples of the Hoodoo Folk magick rituals performed by specialists. However, these specific techniques can vary widely as per the individual preferences as well as regional and cultural traditions of the African American community.

A Bit About History of Hoodoo Magic

Experts define Hoodoo as an African American-based tradition, which makes use of natural as well as supernatural elements to create changes in the human experience. Hoodoo was created by African Americans. There were over 12 million enslaved Africans enslaved and brought from the Central and West African regions to the Americas between the 16th and 19th centuries. This slave migration was part of the transatlantic slave trade, which occurred between 1619 and 1808.

During the two centuries, over five lakh enslaved Africans were transported to America from Central Africa. With these slaves, came Hoodoo. The Hoodoo Magick form had Bakongo magical influence from the Bakongo religion. The resultant Hoodoo magic incorporated the following spiritual practices:

  • Kongo Cosmogram
  • Simbi Water Spirits
  • Nkisi Practices
  • Minkisi Practices

There is also a West African influence which is Vodun from Fon. There is a tribe called Ewe in Benin and Togo which follows some elements from the Yoruba religion. In the seventeenth century, when the Ewe people had their contact with European slave traders, then some Africans got converted to Christianity willingly or otherwise. Some of these enslaved Africans were forced to become Christian. Such an effort catapulted the syncretization of African spiritual beliefs and practices with the Christian faith. Both enslaved and free Africans learned about the indigenous botanical knowledge of the United States.

There is no extent to which Hoodoo magick could not be practiced, but it does depend on the region and the temperament of the slaveholders of that time. At that time, the Gullah people of the coastal Southeast experienced isolation with little relative freedom. This seclusion allows for the retention of traditional Hoodoo cultural practices. The Gullahs as well as the enslaved African-Americans, belonging to the Mississippi Delta, were dense with the concentration of slaves. Hoodoo was practiced there but within a large cover of secrecy.

Ingredients required for Hoodoo Magic practices

Every Hoodoo practitioner uses various natural ingredients, such as herbs, roots, minerals, and more, each of which is supposed to possess magical properties, and in turn, helps in conducting spiritual procedures. The specialist selects the ingredients as on their associations with the intentions of the desired outcomes. Here, we have categorized and then listed some of the common ingredients used in Hoodoo practices.

Herbs and Shrubs

The specialist uses the Basil and Rue herbs for their protective properties. Basil imparts love, and prosperity, whereas Rue has the ability to ward off negativity from people’s lives. Another famed herb is mint, which is used for money drawing and prosperity. For purification purposes, specialists employ Rosemary, as it is associated with protection and memory enhancement. On the softer side, Lavender is used for its calming effects. It also promotes love and purification. Patchouli and cinnamon are also commonly used herbs for attracting love, money, and success. Bay Leaves are used for protection as well as purification. They are particularly known to promote wish fulfillment.

Plant Roots and Resins

Some of the roots known for concoction purposes are High John the Conqueror Root, and Queen Elizabeth Roots. Each one is known for its strong protective as well as luck-drawing properties. Queen Elizabeth Root is particularly famed for influencing love, success, and command in a person’s life. Then, there is Angelica Root, which is known for its protection and purification qualities. These roots are particularly beneficial for uncrossing rituals. Galangal Root is particularly used for its luck, protection, and money-drawing abilities. There are also resins like Frankincense and Myrrh, which are used for spiritual cleansing, and meditation purposes.

Divine Stones & Minerals

Naturally, magnetic stones like Lodestone are used to attract luck and money. There is a specialized stone Pyrite, which is also known as “fool’s gold,” used for its wealth and prosperity attraction abilities. Black Tourmaline is also used for protection properties against negative energies. It can save you from psychic attacks. Quartz Crystal is also used by Hoodoo specialists to amplify energy and ritual intentions. The last is the Salt, which is used for creating barriers against negativity by providing purification and protection.  

Animal Extracts

One of the most commonly used animal extracts in Hoodoo Folk magick practices is Rabbit’s Foot. Hoodoo specialists use the Foot for luck and protection. They also use Alligator Claw for protection and strength, as well as Snake Shed for transformation and wisdom abilities. A specialized Black Cat Bone is also used for imparting luck and stealth to the person.

Other Items

In other items, you will have candles, anointing oils, holy water, and Florida water. Candles of multiple colors are used to represent different spiritual intentions. Hoodoo used red candles for love and green candles for money. Blends of essential oils are also used to dress candles and mojo bags. Oils are also used on the body for specific purposes. Holy Water, like Florida waters, is used for purification purposes as well as blessing rituals. These waters are used as cologne with purifying and protective properties.

Anujj Elviis: The best Hoodoo Folk Magic Specialist in India

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of Hoodoo, then you must find yourself a quality Hoodoo expert who provides the requisite spiritual services. For such reasons, Anujj Elviis is one of the best Hoodoo Specialists out there. The Anujj Elviis and Team can offer a ton of spiritual services to our clients, who need some divine interventions. Let us detail you on the Hoodoo Folk Magick that Anujj Elviis can perform for you.

Types of Hoodoo Magick with Anujj Elviis

The following are some of the famed Hoodoo Folk Magick by our accomplished Anujj Elviis:

  • Candle Magic: Anujj and his team light candles of various colors, and carve them with symbols as per the desired outcome. Different colored candles are used for different intentions. The Anujj Elviis team employs red candles to kindle love, green to kindle money, and white for purity.
  • Spiritual Cleansing: The Elviis team also performs rituals for their clients to remove negative energy from their homes and living spaces, by using herbs, baths, prayers, spiritual washes, etc., made from holy waters like Florida Water.
  • Protection Spells: Anujj Elviis is also known to cast spells to create talismans. This will ward off negative influences from your life. These spells are also effective in dealing with evil spirits as well as psychic attacks. We use herbs like basil, rue, protective amulets, etc., to cast a protective spell along with the psalms and prayer recitation.
  • Love Spells: This is a special service by our Hoodoo specialist Anujj Elviis. He can perform rituals for you to attract love from another person. Also, Anujj is skilled at casting love spells to enhance your romantic relationships or make you reconcile with an estranged partner. Anujj casts powerful love spells which often use herbs like rose petals and jasmine along with burning love-drawing incense to woo the partner.

 To know more about our Hoodoo Folk magick, visit the official website of Anujj Elviis.

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