This is the easiest way to cast a circle. Really good for beginners

1. Place four (4) candles to represent north, south, east and west.

2. Stand in the centre of the circle and say: I cast this circle to enhance my energies and to protect me from all harm. I cast this circle and only the most balanced and positive energies may enter

3. Now call upon the elements say: I call upon the guardians and the watchtowers of the north/east/south/west elements of earth/air/fire/water. Guard and guide me. Hail and welcome.

4. Now call on the Lord and Lady by saying: I call upon the Lord and Lady and the Great Spirit to lend their energies and protect me

5. When done say: My work is done, Thank you elements of earth, air, fire and water; Great Spirit and Lord and Lady, may my magic disperse into the universe and may my circle end.

Blessings )O(

pic credit- wikihow