I am dressing this candle, with my own Road Opener Oil – the blend can be found here: https://anujjelviis.com/road-opener-oil/

Road Opener is a type of hoodoo Magik and rootwork that helps to remove obstacles, anything that blocks you. I have also included a seal for you to carve into your candle. (ps- The Sigil is not mine)

Candle colors: white, orange, yellow, red, purple, or green

Oil: Road Opener oil or sandalwood, coconut, honeysuckle, frankincense any one of them or You can also make a blend of cinnamon and Bergamot and use that.

Petition Paper


Dirt from crossroads – keep all 4 corners separate and make them per direction


Shredded coconut

Dried/ Fresh Abre Camino



Sweet red/white wine

Light the incense. Focus and write your petition. When finished, pass your paper through the incense smoke. Place your paper in your bowl and put your candle on top of it. Open the bag of dirt from the east and pour over your letter while saying: –

Spirits of the east, open the doors to the feast

Open the bag of dirt from the south and pour over your paper while saying:

The door of the south, there will be no doubt

Open the bag of dirt from the west and pour over your paper while saying:

Passage to the west will see to it that there is no contest

Finish with the dirt from the north while saying

Guardian of the north will see that I have my way

Now pour on the honey, because all gods who rule over communication are drawn to sweet offerings. Add the shredded coconut, rice, Abre Camino, and cinnamon. Then to intoxicate life add some sweet wine to the bowl. This is to make the 4 guardians of the world happy so that they will open doors for you so that good can materialize in your life. All your paths will be open. Light the candle and smile, holding that feeling of already walking down your open road.