Imbolc’s Eve

January 31st, (Wednesday 2018)


This sabbath lays a lot of emphasis on cleansing and preparing for spring to come, and has a tradition of ‘spring cleaning’ , but even if you are in the deep winter months it’s good to get the air within the home flowing since it tends to be bottled up and decaying to keep the warmth in. Use fragrances like juniper or peppermint while cleaning.


Use a besom to symbolically sweep away the unwanted energy and or patterns you want to rid yourself or your space of. This is an old tradition!


As the days get longer and the air warmer, it’s time to shed! Get rid of old stuff you no longer need and should part with. Donate old ugly clothes, toss old things, maybe give new life to things you haven’t used in a while. Purge!

 Hang chimes

I love the sound of metal chimes as the instrument of choice for this sabbat. It reminds me of melting icicles and wintery air. Chimes make a great cleansing and peaceful sound for your space!

Milk Bath Spell

As this sabbat is about cleaning and renewing the home and the self, I would love to share a ritual bath with you. This sabbat also has the symbolism of motherhood, nurturing and overall milk and dairy and a milk bath is a way to incorporate the symbolism into your practice!

Plain milk  



oatmeal milk

pink salt


almond milk


Snacks to offer and eat

Yoghurt, Pretzels, grilled cheese bites, cheese puffs, white chocolate, breadsticks and cheese dip, Brown toasted bread, sliced apples, parsnip fries!

Cleanse and Decorate the altar!

Wipe down the altar surfaces with refreshing essential oils like peppermint, purify the space, and decorate it with wintery elements, eucalyptus leaves garland and white candles!

Midnight Spell 1:

Imbolc is a time to focus on what you would want to initiate or manifest for the new year. This time is ideal for road opening spells if you need something to open up for you by the time spring arrives. Set goals for yourself, clear paths for yourself, and focus on achieving them by manifesting it on this night!  An activity for road opening could be writing down your goals and sealing it in a plastic bag. Take a bowl and put your goals on the bottom then fill it with a thin layer of ice cubes. Light a white candle on top (preferably a floating candle) symbolizing you in your path to reach your goals. As the last of winter’s snows thaw, the barrier of ice between your candle and your goals will be melted away.

Midnight Spell 2:

A quicker and simpler task would be to burn bay leaves which is a common tradition. You burn bay leaves to manifest desires into reality yet also it can be divinatory practise as the way the bay leaf burns will show you if it’s a task that’s being blocked, if you have to work harder at it or if it’s something that will happen right away.

Midnight Spell 3:

Banishing the old and unwanted

Think about the qualities that you are not fond of or habits that you’d like to break for the new cycle to come. Light a bundle of juniper or eucalyptus/wintergreen incense and smoke cleanse yourself to start anew. Think about the qualities you’d like to replace the negative ones. Instead of thinking of things like “I want to be less lazy” focus on it more like “I’m productive, I’m motivated, I’m energetic” etc.

Imbolc Day

February 1st

It’s midwinter and a time of cleansing! Wear white to either honour winter or to celebrate the fresh start of the new year to come! Open up the windows for a few minutes to let the air in and get the stagnant air flowing! It might be very cold but it’s good for the airflow for at least a few minutes. Use chimes or a singing bowl to cleanse your space and bring in good energy. This would be great to do while you have the windows open for a moment! Fill the home with as much light as possible. Open all curtains! Light lanterns and candles! Welcome the return to light!

Foods to eat and offer can be potatoes, parsnips and turnips. Enjoy a nice creamy drink like a milky tea or frothy latte!

Whole Milk or Oat Milk

Kava (Like two tsp to a cup of milk?)


vanilla bean or extract


simmer the milk (do not boil) with the spices. Mix until well infused and blended. Enjoy!

Imbolc Chant 1

I open
Gently open
To the Divine inside me
I open
Gently open
To the sacred Light

Imbolc Chant 2
Goddess Bridget Peace Weaver, Healer, Poet, Queen. Melt the snow and bring the spring. Saint Bridget Gold Bender, Keeper of the Flame. Blessed Imbolc. We Sing Your Name. Chorus: We Sing Your Name. We Sing Your Name. We Sing Your Name. We Sing Your Name. We Sing Your Name. We Sing Your Name. Goddess Bridget. Keeper of the Flame. Bridget so beautiful Bridget so powerful People of all paths will gather round to sing your name. Bridget so beautiful Bridget so powerful People of all paths will gather round to sing your name.