Write your name and what you want on the Petition Paper. Fold it in half, toward you for drawing in, or away for banishing things. Write your name and petition on a paper and leave it under the candle. You can write your name and petition on the candle with a marker. Tape the Petition Paper to the side of the candle with tape. Place the candle over a picture of yourself or the person it’s designed to affect. Place your power (writing) hand over the candle (closing it off) and hold the candle with your other hand. Say a Psalm or prayer to whoever you’re addressing to help you. Speak to the Spirit (that’s whatever God or Goddess, Saint or Spirit you’re petitioning) and state your need. Speak it in terms of what you want and avoid any negative language. Light the candle.

Note: Be aware that there are times when a glass will crack or explode. If you ever need to leave and do not want to turn off your candle. You can leave it in your sink bathtub or in a pot. Away from anything that may catch on fire. If you prefer to snuff or pinch it is okay too just do not blow your candles out. When returning you can put your candle back in your altar and relight it and set your intentions again. Just know this will delay your petition.