Black Salt is normally used to banish or drive away negative things. It can be used to protect your home and garden area by sprinkling it around the property line. To protect from things general getting in your house you can put Black Salt in the corners of the room or across the doorstep. It is also used to remove negative spells that have been cast on a person. In general, Salt itself is a great purifying agent. Black Salt is more about protection and the banishment of all things negative.

How to make it:-

You can use anything dry that has a black tone. Charcoal, Ashes, Scrapings from your cauldron/cast iron bowl or skillet, even Pepper is often used. I prefer using ashes. Firstly take your mortar and pestle and call on the appropriate Goddess or God to guide you and to bless the salt. Grind all the charcoal and scrapings or pepper if you are using that. Once it is to the required consistency then mix Salt just plain salt double quantity and then while thinking about all the ways you need to be protected, mix the ingredients until there is no white left. Strain and then bottle and label it and date it.

Blessed Be )O(