Legal cases are hard-hitting. It is hard not to feel powerless and helpless in front of a judge, and finding your way through complicated laws is no picnic, either. Luckily, there are ways that you can help yourself get an edge in a legal battle and you do not have to join a law school to do it.

Some of the most powerful supplies are mentioned below:-

Amulets: Amulets are pieces of jewellery that you can wear, they give you extra charisma and making it easier to make the judge and the opposition side with you. Anoint one with a magikal oil, and wear on the day of your case.

Oils: Magikal oils can be used in spells or rituals to anoint candles, jewellery, or mojo bags, or worn on the body. Galangal oil is the best for winning judges over.

Mojo bags: Mojo bags hold herbs, curios, and personal concerns. They give you a way to keep magikal ingredients close to you in the courtroom, so they can influence your case.

Candles: Anoint candles with the right oils, set them in a safe place, light, and sit peacefully and visualize yourself winning your case. You can also inscribe them with the name of the judge and the opposition.

Herbs: Herbs are best used by grinding into a powder and sprinkling around the courtroom if possible, placing in a honey jar or mojo bag, or even sprinkling over your legal papers. Plants like cascara sagrada, calamus root, deer’s tongue herb, liquorice root, poppy seeds, and slippery elm bark work to help you dominate.

Bathing supplies: Spiritual baths are easy rituals that help you soak up the magikal properties of the herbs and other ingredients you use. Try starting with a regular bath to clean up with soap and water, then draw fresh water and add a case-winning spiritual bath or simply use a spiritual soap. Right before you are to go in front of the judge, wash your hands with some High John the Conqueror soap.

Sachet powder: Sachet powder can be worn on the body or sprinkled in the courtroom itself to help influence. A Sweetening Jar to Sway the Judge any time you need to change a person’s opinion of you, a sweetening jar is the first supply you need. Start this spell at least a week before your court date. If you know the judge who will be in charge of your case, write their name seven times on a piece of parchment. Then, turn the paper to the right so the names run vertically, and write your name seven times across theirs. Around the edge of the paper, write your wish for them to rule in your favour. Fold the paper in half, toward you, and place in the jar along with some calamus root, liquorice root, galangal, and low John root. Fill the jar with honey, corn syrup, or sugar syrup, and close. Set the jar before a white candle. Light the candle, allow some of the wax to drip onto the lid of the jar, and let the candle burn down partway. Repeat for seven days, then bury the jar.

To win your legal battle, fill a mojo bag with deer’s tongue herb, poppy seeds, black mustard seed, slippery elm bark, calendula flowers, and a lock of your hair. Anoint it with Court Case oil, and carry it on you when you are in front of the judge.

Dealing with legal trouble is stressful, but it does not have to be. If you know you are in the right, you can use spiritual supplies to help yourself. Take a spiritual bath, prepare a honey jar, light a candle, and make yourself a mojo to help you relax, state your case, and convince the judge and to favour you.

All the Best

PS: Its best to stay out trouble 😉